AboutClovis Alexandre Desvarieux was born in Port-au-Prince, Haïti in 1986. With a natural knack for and an unfeigned need to create, Desvarieux identifies as a visual artist. Although a photographer first and foremost, he is no stranger to paint, pencil, and the digital realm. Compelled by curiosity, Clovis relocated to Montreal to pursue higher education in the field of building engineering in 2006. Formal education structures the blueprint of Clovis’ early years, however it is a foundation of photography and art, laid down by his mother, that propelled him on a more intimate artistic quest. Clovis has since self-produced a catalogue titled Ori-inu, which exposes his skill and captures his fascinations through a well-balanced lens. Clovis lives in Montreal where he works full-time on nurturing his passions and quenching his thirst for the unknown. Curiosity killed the cat, they said. But curiosity has only made this cat cooler.

Text Credit: Stephanie Nazywalskyj

Portrait by: Dimitri Rousseau